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Dad's Side

My paternal side: The families of William Wood, Sr. and his wife Mary (UNK). They are the oldest known ancestors of this Wood family. They were probably born in Virginia in the very early 1700's, and we think William was still living in 1770. William's name, along with the names of his children appears in many land transactions, first in Virginia, then just across the state line in and around Granville County, North Carolina.

Mom's Side

My maternal side: The families of Jacob Lester and his first wife Martha (Lewis?). They are the oldest known ancestors of this family. They were probably born in Virginia, sometime in the first half of the 1700's. The name of Jacob's first wife is not known but it is believed that her maiden name was Lewis, a name given to Lester men in each generation since. We have a name for Jacob's father, Robert Lester, but have no other information or tangible proof at this time.

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"History hides under the bark of our Wood & Lester family tree."

This site contains information on both my paternal and maternal family lines, The Wood and Lester families, as well as a host of related families. My late father, Robert Darious Wood, Sr (1925-2003) and his cousin, the late Glenn Wood (1915-1982), compiled this information over several decades, long before the benefit of on-line research we enjoy today.

My intent is to eventually publish all their work to the internet and add to their body of work by my own and others' research for everyone to enjoy and share. If you are a family member, I invite you to consider this site as your site, too. I would like it to eventually be a repository of as much of our family history as we can document.

Please check back for updates from time to time because gathering information is a long, never-ending process and any new information regarding our ancestors will be posted once it is processed.

Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information presented here.

If you have any family photos, copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, family stories, family bibles, journals, letters, etc, please send copies to me as I would like to preserve any and all information for future generations of our family.