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"Jake" Aaron married Sarah Jane Gray, according to the marriage license issued in Cullman, AL. Jacob L. Aaron received a marriage license to marry Sarah Jane Gray. Jacob and Ira Aran, Jr. were "held firmly bound unto the State of Alabama, in the sum of Two Hundred Dollars, lawful money of the United States...."The condition of this obligation is such, that whereas, a License to solemnize Marriage between Mr. Jacob L. Aaron and Miss Sarah J. Gray has this day been duly issued".....The marriage was solemnized by David A. Self, M.G. (Minister of the Gospel)' at the residence of W. C. Gray on 21 June 1891.
(Research):1900 Census>US> AL> Walker> Turpentine> District 149> Image 13
Household # 114
Aaron, Sarah J. Head Sept 1872 27 Wd. 27 W 4-4 MS MS AL
Aaron, Martha A. Dau Apr 1892 S 08 AL
Aaron, Luella Dau Oct 1893 S 06
Aaron, William S. Son Feb 1895 05
Aaron, Alice E. Dau Aug 1897 02
Gray, James B. brother Aug 1877 22 MS 
GRAY, Sarah Jane (I7785)

"Med" Lowery McNeal was buried in Herman Missionary Church, AL and on his headstone it reads, "b. 21 Mar 1862 - d. 24 May 1949". Buried beside him is James H. McNeal (his son) b. 1886-d. 1956. 
MCNEAL, "Med" Lowery (I7447)

(Medical):Death Certificate: January 1934, vol 5-cert 2144-roll 3 Alabama. 
PHILLIPS, Charlie Creed (I8009)

(Medical):Died as a small child 
MORGAN, Maudy (I7920)

(Medical):Died as a small child 
MORGAN, Perry (I7923)

(Medical):Died as a small child. 
MORGAN, Gavin (I7921)

(Medical):Died as a small child. 
MORGAN, Edith (I7924)

(Medical):Do not know if it was accidental or murder. 
AARON, Oliver Vanbeat (I7830)

(Medical):From newspaper clipping - April 28, 1938
C. H. Phillips, 68 committed sucide at his residence near the county line MOnday by shooting himself twice in the region of the heart with a .38 calibre pistol. Ill health is supposed to have been the cause of the man's rash action. Funeral service were held at McCormack Tuesday and interment was at that place. Surviving are the wife and eight children. 
PHILLIPS, Charles Hiram (I8055)

(Medical):Interval btw onset and death was 2 wks. age 50 years Physician or Coroner was W.H. Wynne M.D. 
MORGAN, Nancy J. Frances (I7681)

(Medical):Jack Aaron died in his sleep at the Ridgeview Nursing Home on the Airport Road in Jasper, Walker County, AL. 
AARON, Jack (I7753)

(Medical):John Thomas Aaron died of smallpox just after a year of marriage, he left a widow and a small baby. J. W. Mayberry helped to prepare the body for burial because no one wanted to touch the body because of fear of getting the disease. 
AARON, John Thomas (I7346)

(Medical):Rastus Bailey accidently shot himself when he went oustside his home to shoot a varmit that was getting into his chickens and livestock which happened in Mt. Slyvan, Texas and the family brought him home to Alabama and buried him in Oakman. 
BAILEY, Rastus (I7596)

(Research):1850 Census: STATE: AL COUNTY: SHELBY REEL NO: M432-14 PAGE NO: 172B REFERENCE: 17 September 1850, B. F. Randall, Ass't Marshal
165-39-30-31 WAKLER, Samuel G. 28 M Farmer AL
166-40-30-31 WALKER, Elizabeth 28 F AL
167-41-30-31 WALKER, Martha A. 08 F AL
168-42-30-31 WALKER, Samantha A. 06 F AL
169-43-30-31 WALKER, Pinckeny M. 10/12 M AL (He is shown on page No: 173A.) 
WALKER, Samuel G. (I8305)

(Research):1870 Census> Madison County> GA

Age Image Soundex Finit+Sndx
Aaron, Nancy 60 11B A650 NA650
Aaron, William 49 11B A650 WA650
Aaron, Nancy 60 52A A650 NA650
Aaron, William 57 52A A650 WA650 
AARON, Nancy (I7248)

(Research):1870 Census> Madison County> GA
Age Image Soundex Finit+Sndx
Aaron, Almeada 51 1A A650 AA650
Aaron, George W. 48 1A A650 GA650
Aaron, James P. 13 1A A650 JA650
Aaron, Lettus J. 07 1A A650 LA650
Aaron, Nancy 20 1A A650 MA650
Aaron, Thomas W. 14 1A A650 TA650

1880 Census>Madison County> GA
Age Image Code Image Finit+Sndx
Aaron, A. 50 72-42 A650 AA650
Aaron, G. W. 55 72-42 A650 GA650
Aaron, L. J. 18 72-42 A650 LA650
Aaron, Mary A. 18 72-42 A650 MA650

1900 Census>Madison County> GA
Aaron, George W. 78 66-15A A650 GA650
Aaron, Almeta 81 66/-15A A650 AA650 
AARON, George Washington (I7275)

(Research):1880 Census Walker County, AL Township 13 > Range 6 W> District 277
ARON (10-11)
Sarah M. 25
Usley ? 02 AL SC Unk.
Margaret E. 4/12 D AL Unk. AL

I think this information belongs to this Sarah M. ARON? 
AARON, Sarah Mary Beth (I7541)

(Research):1880 Census> Madison County> GA
Age Image # Image Code First Init + Soundex
Aaron, Nancy 76 74-27 A650 NA650
Aaron, William 67 74-27 A650 WA650
Aaron, Peter 21 72-42 A650 PA650
Aaron, Pinckney J. 22 74-35 A650 PA650
Aaron, Thomas E. 2m 74-35 A650 TA650 
AARON, William D. M. (I7272)

(Research):1900 Census: State: Alabama County: Walker ED: 148 Sheet No: 207A Reel No: T623-43 SD: 6 Division: Bryan Precinct 15 Page No: 3B Enumerated on: June 9, 1900 by: Monroe A. Argo Transcribed by Sue Bowers for USGenWeb, http://www.rootsweb.com/census/. Copyright: 2003
79-50-50 Minor, James Head W M Apr 1865 35 M16 AL AL AL Farmer
80-50-50 Minor, Mary Wife W F Dec 1863 36 M16 6-4 AL AL AL
81-50-50 Minor, Vester Son W M Jun 1887 12 S " " " " " " Farm Laborer
82-50-50 Minor, Ella Dau W F Jun 1891 08 S
83-50-50 Minor, Darmon Son W M Aug 1893 06 S
84-50-50 Minor, Dovie Dau W F Jan 1896 04 S
85-50-50 Kirkland, Helon Serv W F Apr 1862 38 M 15 1-0 AL AL AL 
MINOR, James M. (I7770)

(Research):1900 Census: State: Alabama County: Walker ED: 150 Sheet No: 222B Reel No: T623-43 SD: 6 Division: Precinct 16 Dorris Page No: 5A Enumerated on: June 7 & 8, 1900 by: Wm J. Phillips Transcribed by Sue Boowers for USGenWeb, http://www.rootsweb.com/census/. Copyright: 2004

76 95-95 Morgan, Deller H. Head W M Oct 1872 27 M 3 AL SC AL Farmer
77-95-95 Morgan, Delia L. Wife W F Aug 1874 25 M 3 1-1 AL AL AL
78-95-95 Morgan, Estella M. Dau W F Apr 1898 02 S AL AL AL 
MORGAN, Deller Harrison (I7953)

(Research):1930 Census State: West Virginia County: Fayette Township: Kanawhan District
Unincorporated Place: Westerly
Hamaker, Otto Head R 7 R No M W 32 M 24 No Yes AL AL AL Coal miner
Hamaker, Susie Wife-H F W 26 M 18 No Yes AL AL AL
Hamaker, Kenneth Son M W 1 5/12 S No WV AL AL
Rice, Alen Boarder M W 33 M 22 No Yes AL AL AL Track layer in coalmine.

Reference: Wes Keat (weskeat@prodigy.net) 
HAMAKER, Otto (I7643)

(Research):1930 Census Westerly Fayette County, West Virginia
Miller, Cecil H. W M 29
Miller, Ethel W F 24 AL
Miller, Oleta W F 04
Miller, Maxine W F 02
Miller, Nellie L. W F 3/12 
MILLER, Cecil Henry (I8385)

(Research):1930 Census Westerly Fayette County, West Virginia
Wallace, Arthur W M 36 AL
Wallace, Rosa (hard to read) W F 28 AL
Wallace, Orlane W M 10 AL
Wallace, Max? W M 05 WV
Wallace, Gloria D. ? W F 02 WV
Wallace, Betty R. W F 021/2 WV 
WALLACE, Arthur W. (I7642)

(Research):1930 Census> Walker County, AL> Precinct 17> District 26
McClendon, Henson Head 38 M20 AL AL AL
McClendon, Lucy Wife 35 M17 AL AL AL
McClendon, Verta Dau. 16
McClendon, Verda Dau. 14
McClendon, Dankhen Son 12
McClendon, Barton Son 09
McClendon, May Dau 06
McClendon, Jessie Lee Dau. 3/12 mos. 
MCCLENDON, Henson (I7638)

(Research):1930 Census>US>AL> Walker> Powells District 40> Image 1
Aaron, Manly J. 40 M 18 AL AL AL
Aaron, Ludie L. 39 F 15 MS AL AL
Aaron, Albert A. 17 M AL
Aaron, Ida M. 16 F AL
Aaron, Estell 13 F AL
Aaron, Gladys I. 10 F AL
Aaran, Floyd L. 06 M AL
Aaron, Agnes A. 3/12 F AL
Aaron, Jack 1/12 M AL 
AARON, James Manley (I7732)

(Research):Census 1840> Madison County> GA
48 Aaron, James C. 3 . . . 1 1 . . . . . . . . 2 . . 1 . . . 
AARON, James C. (I7247)

(Research):Census 1840> Madison County> GA
48 Aaron, John R. 1 . . . 1 . . . . . . . . 1 . . 1 . . . . . 
AARON, John R. (I7273)

(Research):died 10 years of age. 
WALKER, Abraham (I8310)

(Research):Jasper Aaron was born in 1843 in Alabama. Jasper was a Civil War soldier and was captured by the Yankee Union Forces. He was shipped to prisoner of war camp somewhere in Tenn. and was never heard of again.
He served in the military on 16 Oct 1863 where enlisted at Jasper Walker County, AL. He enlisted as a private in Co. L 28 Regt. Alabama infantry by Capt. Musgrove. He is listed as absent, supposed to be captured in battle, Nov 26, 1863 and transported to a Union POW Camp somewhere in Tenn.

The Record of events for this organization: The Company was mustered into service at Jasper on the 17 March 1862, Walker County, AL, then marched 85 miles to Shelby Springs, Shelby Co., AL. Then it was ordered to Corinth Miss. by the way of Mobile they arrived at Corinth 21 April and moved three times in the vinicity of the city. The company is now sixty nine strong in camp, has five deserters and four that were sworn into the service and went to the (22 or 21) Alabama Regiment, one that was transferred to Capt. I. T. Medler's Company of the 28th AL. Volunteers making in the Aggregate Seventy six rank and file, signed T. M. Weaver, for Mar 17 to April 30, 1862.

Muster Roll for Jan and Feb 1864 shows the company near Dalton, GA. 
AARON, Jasper N. (I8565)

(Research):Marriage license issued 03 Nov 1829 by Thomas King, C.C.O.; marriage 03 Nov 1829 performed by Job Hannond, J.P. Source license 1751-01/1-1; see also Volume 3, page 56, Franklin County, Georgia. 
RUDD, Sarah Rebecca (I7130)

1860 Census, Walker County, AL Sarah E. Phillips with her parents. 
PHILLIPS, Sarah E. (I7657)

1900 Census State: Alabama County: Walker ED: 148 Sheet No: 208A Reel No: T623-43 SD: 6 Division: Bryan Precinct 15 Page No: 4B Enumerated on: June 12, 1900 by: Monroe A. Argo Transcribed by Sue Bowers for USGenWeb, http://www.rootsweb.com/census/. Copyright: 2003

43-82-82 Aaron, Mrs. James Head W F Jan 1833 67 W 11-7 AL AL AL Farmer
44-82-82 Aaron, Charles Son W M Feb 1875 25 S " " " " " " Farm Labor
45-82-82 Aaron, Martin Son W M Jan 1877 23 S Farm Labor
46-82-82 Aaron, Frony Dau W F May 1879 21 S
47-82-82 Aaron, Sam Son W M Aug 1881 18 S 
KEY, Jane Catherine (I7813)

1900 Census, Walker County, AL 
ELMORE, Sophronia Caroline (I8062)

1900 Census: Walker County, AL with her parents. 
PHILLIPS, Etta Miley Elizabeth (I7983)

1900 Census: Walker County, Al with his parents. 
PHILLIPS, J. D. (I8002)

1900 Census: Walker County, AL with parents. 
PHILLIPS, Reuben Washington (I8007)

1900 Census: Walker County, AL with parents. 
MORGAN, Dolpher (I8070)

1900 Census: Walker County, AL with parents. 
MORGAN, Sampson R. (I8087)

1900 Census: Walker County, AL with parents. 
MORGAN, Martin Goodwin "Boss" (twin) (I8091)

1900 Cenus>Madison County> GA
Aaron, Thomas W. 44 70-09B A650 TA650
Aaron, Thomas 14 70-09B A650 TA650
Aaron, Ralph 08 70-09B A650 RA650 
AARON, Thomas W. (I8341)

Aaron, J. M. - Private December 1, 1862. Captured at Vicksburg, Miss. July 4, 1863. Paroled July 6, 1863. Captured at Nashville, Tenn. December 16, 1864. Release at Camp Chase, O. June 14, 1865. (Born in Franklin County, GA. October 22, 1837) 
AARON, Jefferson Monroe (I7196)

Aaron, Milt - private March 4, 1862. Died in 1862. 
AARON, Milton J. (I7208)

AARON, MONROE, a son of Francis Marion and Mary (Mayberry) Aaron, was born near Williams' Mill, Walker County on August 2, 1878. Educated in the public schools of the county, he worked first in a sawmill, later as a coal miner, and then entered the mercantile business in Dora, AL which he operated until 1910. Mr. Aaron then developed and operated a successful coal mine near Cordova and subsequently became interested in the Citizens Bank and Trust Company of Cordova, and served as its first president. Info from the book of "The History of Walker County, AL."
(Research):1910 Census> AL> Walker> 13-pct.> District 183
Aaron, Monroe Head 30 M 8 AL AL AL merchant in gem Store
Aaron, Nora Wife 28 M 8 AL AL AL
Aaron, Grace Dau. 04 S AL AL AL
Aaron, inibple Dau. 02 S AL AL AL (should be sybil)
Aaron, M. Jr. Son 4/12 M AL AL AL (should be monroe)

1920 Census>AL>Walker> Cordova> ED # 109
Household # 316-372
Aaron, Monroe Head 41 Mine Operator
Aaron, Nora Wfie 39
Aaron, Gracy Dau. 13
Aaron, Sibbe Dau. 11
Aaron, Monroe, Jr. Son 10
Aaron, Dewey Son 05
Aaron, Willie Son 3/12

1930 Census> AL>Walker> Cordova> District 17
Household # 150-170
Aaron, Monroe Head 51 M 23 Banker
Aaron, Nora Wife 49 M 21
Aaron, Dewey Son 16
Aaron, Willa Jean Dau 13
Aaron, Breck Son 09 
AARON, Monroe (I7357)

According to 1900 Walker County Alabama Census, he was born in Arkansas.
Census: 1880, Walker County, AL with mother
Death Certificate: 31 March 1944, vol 18-cert 8522- roll 4 Alabama. 
PHILLIPS, George Washington (III) (I7975)

Albert Aaron's social security number 421-01-5222. 
AARON, Albert (I7738)

Althie Black MCLAIN had 3 boys and six grandchildren. 
BLACK, Althie (I8013)

Ambres raced midget race cars when he was younger.
Occupation: Owned AARON Appliance in Midland, Texas 
AARON, Ambres Franklin (I7091)

Amos enlisted in the Confederate Army on 7 Oct 1863. He was captured at Missionary Ridge on Nov 25, 1863, taken to Louisville and later sent to Rock Island, Illinois, where he died on Mar 14, 1864.
This family was originally from Horse Creek, now known as Dora in Walker County, AL
This information given to me by Dal Wayne Caradine from AL (1-205-791-9122) and found the dates in the Walker County GenForum submitted by Helen Hackett Sposa on May 4, 2000.

Information found in "The History of Walker County Its Towns and Its People" book. Pages 203, 204, & 205.
He enlisted in the Confederate Army on October 7, 1863. He was captured at Missionary Ridge on Nov 25, 1863, taken to Louisville and later sent to Rock Island, Illinois, where he died on March 14, 1864 possibly of small pox. Listed in the prisoner list at Rock Island: WALKER, Amos B. - PVT- company & regiment - L- 28AL - DOD 28 March 1864 - Grave # 812.

Also, Amos B. Walker's wife Eliza married his brother William F. Walker after he died in 1864.
(Research):1850 Census: STATE: AL COUNTY: Jefferson DIVISION: Five Mile Beat Dist. 31 REEL NO: 432-7 PAGE NO:178-B REFERENCE: Dated Dec. 25, 1850, by L. G. McMillion; Penciled in pg. 356.
36-57 57 Walker, Amos B. 24 M Laborer AL
37-57 57 Walker, Eliza 20 F AL
(They were neighbors to Ezekial MORGAN and his family.) 
WALKER, Amos B. (I8300)

Antalisa died right after Thomas entered the Confederate Army. Her sister, Narcissus cared for her children while Thomas served in the Civil War. 
MORGAN, Antalisa Loucresa Amerzener "Malissa" (I7895)
50 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8197)

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