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My name is Robert Darious Wood, Jr. I inherited my father's research in 2003. His research consisted of work that he and his cousin, Glenn Wood, gathered over many decades by searching in dusty old courhouses, corresponding with far-flung family members and visiting folks. Dad and Glenn are gone now.

I promised Dad that I would continue his research and this web site is the manifestation of that promise made to him. It is my hope that all family members no matter how distantly connected will come to think of this web site as their web site too. My dream, the same as my father, is that it will serve as a lasting respository of our family's history.

Many people have contrbuted to the body of knowledge on these pages and it is a never-ending process. I encourage all family members to add their branches to our family tree. What a wonderful thing to leave our descendents - a picture of their legacy.