Wood - Lester genealogy
genealogy of the Wood, Lester and allied families.
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South Carolina



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (UNK), Margaret  Abt 1808South Carolina I1011
2 (UNK), Sarah  Abt 1832South Carolina I1065
3 (UNK), Sarah J  Oct 1842South Carolina I16242
4 AARON  1810South Carolina I8105
5 AARON, D.K.   I7751
6 AARON, James D.  Abt 1820South Carolina I8561
7 BROOKS, Nancy  Between 1799 and 1800South Carolina I13310
8 BURNS, Amanda E. 'Bettie'  Dec 1859South Carolina I11179
9 BUSBIN, Benjamin  1795South Carolina I17380
10 CHANDLER, Sarah  Abt 1774South Carolina I15824
11 COMPTON, Annie R.  Jul 1888South Carolina I11203
12 DANIELL, Ann  15 Apr 1710South Carolina I14992
13 DUNCAN, Wiley J  12 Jan 1830South Carolina I1273
14 DUNSON, Teresa  Abt 1812South Carolina I17196
15 ELIZABETH  Abt 1774South Carolina I215
16 FOWLER, Mary M  Abt 1818South Carolina I16282
17 GREY, Nancy  Abt 1790South Carolina I183
18 HENDRICKS, Ella Jane  14 Feb 1863South Carolina I12331
19 HENDRIX, Mary Jane  Abt 1853South Carolina I12396
20 HENDRIX, Spartan D  1852South Carolina I12414
21 HENDRIX, Thomas B.  10 May 1869South Carolina I12418
22 JACOBS, Margaret  1780South Carolina I171
23 JOHNSON, Cassie Amm Elizabeth  26 Sep 1846South Carolina I16185
24 JOHNSON, Elizabeth Thurza  19 Jan 1803South Carolina I1206
25 LAND, Gideon H  Abt 1803South Carolina I11064
26 LAND, Levi Jack  Abt 1827South Carolina I1078
27 LYLE, Daniel  15 Oct 1813South Carolina I17791
28 MCCOY, Lula  1883South Carolina I11145
29 MCDONALD, David Lewis  1771South Carolina I14319
30 MCELRATH, Silas Claude  26 Apr 1891South Carolina I13163
31 MCELROY, Elizabeth Frances  17 Mar 1788South Carolina I17358
32 MEDFORD, Melinda  1806South Carolina I401
33 MINOR, Mary Ann  1800South Carolina I8560
34 MONTGOMERY, Martha Caroline  23 Sep 1810South Carolina I10949
35 PELOT, William J  Abt 1856South Carolina I16278
36 PETERSON, Sabra  1800South Carolina I16721
37 SNOW, Pamela K  11 Jun 1956South Carolina I6033
38 STEPHENS, Sally Ellen  Mar 1841South Carolina I15679
39 TATE, William  Between 1806 and 1810South Carolina I14265
40 TAYLOR, Dorothy Dalloz  23 Mar 1898South Carolina I15699
41 WAINWRIGHT, Martha  1684South Carolina I14318
42 WATTS, Annice  1793South Carolina I17795
43 WOOD, Mary Elizabeth  05 Oct 1832South Carolina I419
44 WOOD, Solomon Powers  Abt 1800South Carolina I245
45 YOUNGER, William  Abt 1864South Carolina I16707


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BREEZEEL, Henry  Abt 1769South Carolina I16847
2 BROWN, Fanne  Bef 1830South Carolina I16866
3 CHAMBERLAINE, Dorothy  16 Oct 1711South Carolina I14988
4 HALL, Sarah  Aft 1870South Carolina I16868
5 HENDRICKS, Ella Jane  03 Jun 1956South Carolina I12331
6 HUGHES, Mary E  04 Sep 1911South Carolina I12403
7 SNOW, Pamela K  22 Jun 1956South Carolina I6033
8 WOOD, Bernice Lamira  16 Oct 1985South Carolina I2476
9 WOOD, James  1810South Carolina I203
10 WOOD, Mary Elizabeth  09 Jan 1873South Carolina I419
11 WOOD, Thomas S  29 Aug 1912South Carolina I1110


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HENDRIX, Charity Ann  Abt 1858South Carolina I12397
2 HENDRIX, Martha E  Abt 1847South Carolina I12410
3 WELBORN, James Wood  1820South Carolina I556
4 WOOD, Bowen Griffin  01 Jun 1843South Carolina I1109


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AARON / MINOR  Abt 1818South Carolina F3233
2 DANIELL / WAINWRIGHT  Between 1702 and Jun 1720South Carolina F5106
3 HENDRIX / HUGHES  Aft 1860South Carolina F4407
4 HENDRIX / LENA  1843South Carolina F4406
5 MCELRATH / BURNETT  South Carolina F4633
7 SMITH / GLENN  11 Jan 1893South Carolina F4555
8 WOOD / JACOBS  Abt 1800South Carolina F197
9 WOOD / MCLAUGHLIN  15 Oct 1853South Carolina F485
10 WOOD / WOOD  28 Sep 1856South Carolina F386