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Erd Lawson Wood (1883-1940) and Ila VonCannon (1887-1935)
Erd Lawson Wood (1883-1940) and Ila VonCannon (1887-1935)
To our family web site for the Wood, Lester, and allied families. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Feel free to use the information on this site for YOUR PERSONAL use, but it MAY NOT be uploaded in bulk to another website or used for commercial purposes, including uploading to pay-for-view sites, such as Ancestry.com, Ancesty's OneWorldTree, GENI.com, etc. For any items or data you do use please give credit to this web site, otihistory.com and the original source if shown so that more relatives and researchers know we exist. A lot of folks have freely and graciously shared their information with me and it is simply the courteous and correct thing to do. We want to make certain that our family information, including photographs, is shared as much as possible in many different places to ensure its survivability for our future generations.

New Babies:
Please be certain to inform me about any new arrivals in your branch of our family tree. It is just as important to record our new family members as it is to discover our ancient ones.

for: Descendants of William Wood, Jr. (1737-1804) This note describes recent findings that question our placement of William Wood, Jr. (1737-1804) and his descendants in our family tree.


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