Descendants of William Wood, Jr. (1737-1804)

This note is relevant for persons descending from Captain William Wood, Jr, (ID Number I211), and Martha Kendrick, (ID Number I265) on our web site.    YDNA testing of two Wood family researchers in this line have cast credible doubt that we are correct in showing Captain William Wood, Jr. to be the son of William Wood and wife Mary (UNK), our oldest known Wood ancestors shown on this web site.

The two individuals recently tested have spent many years researching and documenting their line from Captain William Wood, Jr. and Martha Kendrick. The fact that their YDNA is different than that of others known to descend from our oldest known Wood ancestor and the existing evidence that placed Captain William Wood, Jr. as the son of our oldest known Wood ancestor in the first place will have to be evaluated to see if it is factual or circumstantial.

Persons belonging to this line descending from Captain William Wood, Jr. and Martha Kendrick are cautioned that the parents we show for Captain William Wood may be incorrect.  In fact, this William Wood may not even be a junior, since we are not certain who his parents are. Another researcher, David Travillion Bunton, reminded me that in the 18th century, the term "Jr" could mean father-son, uncle-nephew, or simply older man vs. younger man of the same name, not necessarily related. All other data on Captain William Wood, Jr. and wife Martha Kendrick and their descendants is not in question. 

For the moment we will continue showing Captain William Wood, Jr. as the son of our oldest known Wood ancestor until we and others have researched this question conclusively.

If, as we suspect, it turns out that Captain William Wood, Jr. is not from our line of Wood ancestors we will change the web site accordingly.  However, we will still maintain him and his descendants on this web site and continue to update data on this line of Wood descendants.  Interestingly, another YDNA test has proved that another researcher who matches the two Wood researchers referred to above is related to me via my maternal line through John R. Wood (1823-?).  What this means is that Captain William Wood, Jr.  may not be related via my paternal line but is, in fact, related via the maternal line of this web site’s home person, Robert Darious Wood, Jr.  Unfortunately, this maternal connection is not known but is reasonably certain as evidenced by the YDNA test results and combined documentation of the third researcher and myself.

As you can see we have a big question and mystery to solve.  If anyone has information on this subject we would love to hear from you, so please contact us.